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08:37am 17/02/2005
mood: cheerful
The lastest on Doom

Doom Wraps Up!
IGN - Brisbane,CA,USA
... Jones described the film's star Karl Urban (of Lord of the Rings fame) as a quiet, pensive professional who was constantly concerned about his colleagues ...
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Doom's Journal
You can read Doom's Journal Here

Urbanlistically Given.....
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06:59pm 02/02/2005
  It looks like Season 5 of Xena was released earlier this month. Karl is in the episode "Lifeblood" which is on disk #6. He plays the caveman Kor... very cute. :)

Oh sweet. Hercules Season 5 is also available. Karl is in the episode "Render Unto Caesar" which is on disk #2.
Radio Pirates 
03:45pm 30/01/2005
  Another film project for Karl!



Radio Pirates official site.

Thanks to orygun_forest for the links.
A few links to Karl in the news 
10:07am 24/01/2005

DOOM: The Rock and Karl Urban star in the sci-fi action-adventure based on the computer-game phenomenon. (August)


The Rock to Star in Movie Adaptation of Doom
Posted on 01/14/05 at 3:23 PM ET
Written By: Tim Lamendola
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(andPOP) - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (“Walking Tall”, “The Rundown”) is slated to star as the lead character "Sarge" in Universal Pictures' "Doom," based on the popular series of video games from ID Software.

The premise of the film follows the format of the game: When a Special Ops squadron answers a distress call from a science lab on the planet Olduvai, their investigation reveals that a series of mutant beings are systematically killing off the population there.

Karl Urban (“Lord of the Rings”, “The Bourne Supremacy”) co-stars as "John Grimm" and Rosamund Pike (“Die Another Day”) as "Samantha."

Director Andrzej Bartkowiak is attached to the film having had previous action experience, most notably in 2000’s “Romeo Must Die” and 2003’s “Cradle to the Grave."

The film is set to be released August 5, 2005.



(Smart Filter won't let me look at the story - >:[ )
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interview with Doom scriptwriter 
07:45am 11/10/2004
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Only brief mention of Karl, but I thought the article was interesting. Sheds a little more light on the project.

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Riddick DVD release November 16 
02:23pm 05/10/2004
  DVD Release info

My favorite part:
Audio commentary with writer/director David Twohy and actors Karl Urban and Alexa Davalos

[ETA: added release date]
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Old, but.... awww! 
08:43pm 03/10/2004
  Thandie (in this New Zealand Herald article): "Karl really got into the role. He'd blacked out his trailer entirely. He just stayed in that hole in between shooting so he could stay in the zone," explains Newton.

"And Hunter, his son, had the same haircut as Karl does in the movie," she laughs. "Karl is very intense - but utterly adorable. And as we both have kids the same age they'd play every day on the set. It was a lovely working atmosphere.
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Another news snippet 
02:42pm 22/09/2004
mood: amused
Posting this link because it always makes me smile when someone else notices that Karl is attractive. *g*

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Doom article 
01:37pm 21/09/2004
  Link via TORn (9/20/04, 12:59 pm EST)

Doom gives actor Urban a shot at stardom

On another topic, I'm thinking of disallowing fanfic in this community. (Nothing personal, lotrjunkie0011.) There's an urbanites community that does allow fanfic, so I don't think it'd be too much of a hardship. However I'd like to hear what the members think before fiddling with the user info.
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kirill fanfic 
02:42am 19/09/2004
  Title: "Prey" 1/2?
Author: Manda (lotrjunkie0011)
Pairing: kirill/female character not named as of yet
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: bourne supremacy/karl urban
Summary: kirill is being pursued this time around, but the last thing his pursuer expected was to be attracted to him...


please let me know what you think!!! lotrjunkie009@aol.com
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browsing ebay 
03:57pm 01/09/2004
  There's a seller in New Zealand who has a lot of local magazines featuring Karl, plus other LOTR cast/crew articles. They're sort of expensive, but... hmm. Tempting!

nanny_girl on ebay
Kor and Caesar 
11:58am 17/08/2004
  On this site I found that the US DVD release for Xena Season 5 is set for October 19. Another site stated that Season 6 should be released by the end of the year, but I can't find a release date.

Karl is in one episode in Season 5, as Kor in "Lifeblood". He's listed as appearing as Julius Caesar in "When Fates Collide" in Season 6. I'm not sure how big a part he'd have in that one with Caesar being dead and all.

Karl is also in one more Hercules episode, playing Caesar in "Render Unto Caesar." That's in Season 5, which should also be available in the US by the end of the year.

From what I can tell all the Xena seasons are available in the UK and Australia already. The US fans are the ones having to wait for a change.
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Karl poll (just for fun) 
07:20pm 09/08/2004
  click to Rate Karl's charactersCollapse )  
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03:10am 03/07/2004
  I bought a piece of Vaako's axe on Ebay. It arrived yesterday! Photos are in my journal (mild spoilers).  
12:01pm 30/06/2004
  I'm not going to bid on this, but is it not the coolest thing ever?

Caesar's white gown.

Crossposted sagralisse and urban_78
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09:17am 29/06/2004
  Karl, apparently answering a question about his taste in music in Alternative Press magazine: "I was quite into a lot of my hometown stuff, like straitjacket Fits or early Split Enz. I like New Order. The texture is wide and varied. I love the Pixies, Mastertech, Tricky, R.E.M., love R.E.M. Radiowhead, my God, now there's a band."

Okay, so I find out that he likes science fiction, loves R.E.M. and thoroughly enjoyed the Bourne Identity. This is getting a little freaky. He's too young to be my long lost twin brother who got all the good looks dammit.

[Scans of the A.P. article are on karl_daily and at TORN.]
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Karl's TeenHollywood article 
09:13am 15/06/2004
  C&P'ed because the pages take forever to load.Collapse )

Thanks to azewewish for the link.
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A man after my own heart 
06:57pm 14/06/2004
  Karl talks about how he got the part of Count Vaako.

Wow, I've been an avid reader of science fiction for almost three decades, and to me it's very exciting that Karl is this this enthusiastic about one of my favorite genres. He brings a lot to any role that he takes on, and he's shown that he loves connecting with the fantastic, from the Price of Milk to Demons to LOTR. This is too cool.
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04:30pm 13/06/2004
  I saw the movie yesterday! Karl was very hot and broody. He does his very deep voice and was totally deadpan serious about everything. I was thinking it'd come off as silly, but after a moment it was easy to believe his character really was that intense.

I'm not sure if what wasn't in would count as a spoiler, but...Collapse )

There have been some bad reviews of the movie, but I liked it and my daughter liked it. She really liked Vin and enjoyed the interaction between him and Kyra (while I spent a lot of his screen time trying not to pine for Karl.) Riddick is the role that made me like Vin Diesel, and his other movies since Pitch Black have been a let down. It's really nice to see him back where he belongs.

As for the story, I'm not sure why people would quibble about plot holes for Riddick if they didn't notice the huge gaping plot hole from the Matrix. Movie scifi just isn't as tight as the novel form.

Hopefully none of that was too spoilerish! Now that I've written this I'd like to see it again.
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