sagra (sagralisse) wrote in urban_78,

Doom article

Link via TORn (9/20/04, 12:59 pm EST)

Doom gives actor Urban a shot at stardom

On another topic, I'm thinking of disallowing fanfic in this community. (Nothing personal, lotrjunkie0011.) There's an urbanites community that does allow fanfic, so I don't think it'd be too much of a hardship. However I'd like to hear what the members think before fiddling with the user info.
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There are actually several communities out there that allow fanfic: fellow_shippers, southern_cross, karllovesviggo, urbanites, lotr3, lotr_het, actorfic, just to name a few.

I personally like having one or two Karl related communities that don't allow fanfic. If I want to read it, I'll go to one of the communities that specializes in it. I'm here to find out news and updates on Karl, not to read fiction.
That's what I was thinking. I don't have any of the fic communities on my friends list. When I get ready to read fanfic, I know where to go. It saves all the scrolling and keeps my friends list SFW.
thanks for the info on the other communities, guys!!!!!!
Here's a news snippet on the actress cast to play opposite Karl:

I believe she's playing his sister.
PS. How do I start a new thread in a community? Or are new threads limited just to the community owners?

Deleted comment

Thanks! Sorry to be such a techno-dunce.
Thanks for the link! :)

Apparently the Rock will also be in Doom, and Andrzej Bartkowiak is directing. I'm pessimistic about it being good.

If Karl's going to make bad movies, I wish he'd go back to New Zealand to make them. Bad NZ movies are much better than bad Hollywood movies.
Andrzej Bartkowiak doesn't exactly inspire confidence. I'm just hoping that Karl gets to shine as an actor and this leads onto bigger and better. I love scifi, but I'd really like to see him break away from the genre. And if they dress him head to toe in armour again... *sigh*
I love reading scifi. It seems like movie-scifi is just an action subgenre. It's all fights and explosions.