sagra (sagralisse) wrote in urban_78,

Old, but.... awww!

Thandie (in this New Zealand Herald article): "Karl really got into the role. He'd blacked out his trailer entirely. He just stayed in that hole in between shooting so he could stay in the zone," explains Newton.

"And Hunter, his son, had the same haircut as Karl does in the movie," she laughs. "Karl is very intense - but utterly adorable. And as we both have kids the same age they'd play every day on the set. It was a lovely working atmosphere.
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Is it just me or does the link not work?
It should work now.
As always I appreciate any Karl related information. And such a cute thought with Hunter's haircut like Dads. Big Vaako and little Vaako! LOL!
One part that makes me smile is that they're playing these Necromonger characters who are all about bringing the human race to an end, yet IRL their kids are playing together on the set. No wonder he had to go off in his trailer to get in the zone. ^_^