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Radio Pirates

Another film project for Karl!


A New Zealand feature film will be making it’s presence at this years AFM. The feature film called "Radio Pirates", is a film genre based on the pirate radio days of the 1960's.

This film has been in development for the last three and a half years and is based on the true story of Radio Hauraki and it’s epic struggle in the late 1960’s for change to the Government’s policy on not allowing private radio to operate. New Zealand is a land of quality film makers with crews that work smart and quickly often shooting in less time than other international crews around the world.

It’s an epic dramatic story told in a David and Goliath way. For more details you can go to:

The lead actor is one of the star’s from “Lord of The Rings”, Karl Urban, he played the role of Eomer.

There is another star of Lord of The Rings who wishes to remain silent at this time.

Also attached is Evan Marriott from the television reality show “Joe Millionaire” who will play one of the Radio Pirate D.J’s who just happens to be an American that turns up after hearing about the pirates from Sydney.

Kylie Bax, international supermodel has a small part and there are several other actors that I'm dealing with.

The Director is David Blyth a New Zealander who has ten feature films to his credit plus many television documentaries and drama programmes.

The Cinematographer is "Whale Rider's" Leon Narbie.

Radio Hauraki was the first floating (Hauraki Gulf) radio station in the world to receive a land based frequency. But not before shipwrecks, cover – up’s, death, danger and disaster struck the crew.

Radio Hauraki, is a station that is still on – air today. It's owned by The Radio Network who are backing the project with a pre-release publicity drive, something that will help the film release domestically.

The genre of this film is original, there has never been a film made like it before. It’s an iconic epic New Zealand story that has a generic theme for all demographic’s and nationalities.

Radio Pirates official site.

Thanks to orygun_forest for the links.
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