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I saw the movie yesterday! Karl was very hot and broody. He does his very deep voice and was totally deadpan serious about everything. I was thinking it'd come off as silly, but after a moment it was easy to believe his character really was that intense.

Did I miss the scene from the trailer where he was kissing Dame Vaako? I was looking forward to a love scene and it wasn't there. Maybe they thought that if Riddick didn't have one then Vaako shouldn't either? In any case, they sizzled without it.

There have been some bad reviews of the movie, but I liked it and my daughter liked it. She really liked Vin and enjoyed the interaction between him and Kyra (while I spent a lot of his screen time trying not to pine for Karl.) Riddick is the role that made me like Vin Diesel, and his other movies since Pitch Black have been a let down. It's really nice to see him back where he belongs.

As for the story, I'm not sure why people would quibble about plot holes for Riddick if they didn't notice the huge gaping plot hole from the Matrix. Movie scifi just isn't as tight as the novel form.

Hopefully none of that was too spoilerish! Now that I've written this I'd like to see it again.
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Do we have to see Pitch Black before seeing Riddick, or will we be ok without it?
Hmmm. Pitch Black is one of my favorites, but I don't think you'd have to see before Riddick.

There's just three characters left over from PB: Riddick - dangerous prisoner turned sullen super-human rescuer, Jack - teenage girl pretending to be a boy who develops a huge hero worshipping crush on Riddick (apparently), and Imam - Religious guy who was making a pilgrimage to the New Mecca. If you know those three barely escaped getting eaten by a bunch of monsters, then you should be set.
I noticed the lack-of-scene, as well.

It doesn't really seem like it would have made a difference in the movie if they had included it.
Yeah, but still. Eeeehh! *wants*
I do find it interesting that they put the gratuitous love scene in the preview, but not the movie. Usually, the gratuitous love scene is the only one you can count on to actually be in the movie.
*snerk* Back in the day, yeah. :)

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They did the old bait and switch, didn't they?