lotrjunkie0011 (lotrjunkie0011) wrote in urban_78,

kirill fanfic

Title: "Prey" 1/2?
Author: Manda (lotrjunkie0011)
Pairing: kirill/female character not named as of yet
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: bourne supremacy/karl urban
Summary: kirill is being pursued this time around, but the last thing his pursuer expected was to be attracted to him...


please let me know what you think!!! lotrjunkie009@aol.com
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Hi! I'm a member of LJ now! I joined last Saturday! Come by and visit my journal sometime too! I see you've finished the first part of the story. Intrigue, passion very good! It made for good reading! Keep exploring your abilities.

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hey, thanks for the feedback!!! plus, just to let you know, that the story was continued under the title "the second confrontation". check that out and see what you think!! lol...i feel like a commercial now....LOL

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lol...ch.3 is up...i'm working on the final 4th ch. and it should be up in 2-3 days. lol, thanks so much again!

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ok...here's a link...you can find the complete, finished story here. to go from chapter to chapter, just hit the arrow buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen.